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Two Good Co.'s

Gifting for good cause

"Stop the violence ... Spread the love ...
Bring the smile ... by gifting someone!"

Project Overview


Two Good Co. is a social enterprise supporting vulnerable women across Australia. They began their journey ten years ago as an ad-hoc cook-out in Sydney, NSW for the area’s less fortunate.


In June 2015, they launched their “Eat one, Treat one” model, where for every meal purchased, they’d give an identical one to a local women’s refuge for domestic violence survivors. As of 2017, they have served over 195,154 meals to women in refuges across Sydney and Melbourne.


Since it’s humble beginning as an organic soup kitchen, Two Good Co. has expanded to sell restaurant-quality food and cookbooks and also diversified into selling personal care products and apparel.


Their “Buy one Give one” model supports women in refuges by donating an identical product to the shelters, helping to make them feel valued and  comforted.


Apart from this, the Two Good Co. also supports these domestic violence survivors by providing them the skills training and job placement services and re-investing some of their sales revenue into the Two Good Foundation, working towards employment pathways program for these women.


Two Good Co. uncovered, through their independent research, that the Two Good Co. platform is used as a ‘gifting option’ by their customers to buy products for the family and friends.


So, Two Good Co. wanted to design enhancements to their existing website for including the key features for the ‘gifting platform’ to allow their customers to order gifts for the loved ones.


Two Good Co.  wanted to achieve this while also effectively showcasing their brand story and the gifting journey.


This was a twofold challenge. A well represented brand story means higher customer engagement and an increased customer conversion and that would ultimately mean an increased social impact!

  • Designing key features for the ‘gifting platform', to give customers an ability to make ‘gift purchases’ of the Two Good Co. products, for family and friends

  • Highlighting the brand story and representing the full story cycle of the gifting process – from purchasing of gifts to fulfilment of the Two Good Co. promise - helping and supporting vulnerable domestic violence survivors in refuges, across Australia​


  • Mobile Website Design


  • UX/UI Designer (solo)

  • Presenting the findings and the final prototype to the stakeholder, Rob Caslick, Founder & CEO, Two Good Co.


  • Miro, Figma

  • Competitive analysis, Wireframing, Usability testing


  • Affinity map, Information Architecture, Sketches, Lo-Fi wireframes, Hi-Fi prototype, Developer hand-off documentation


  • Self directed with feedback from the mentor, Sam Hancock and peers (from Harness Projects)


  • Mar 2021 – May 2021 ( 7 weeks )

The Approach

"THE WORKING CAPITAL … ” - Understanding the Problem

The two important aspects of finding the solution are understanding the “Business” and understanding the “Users”.

In order to understand the challenge better and to have clear business requirements and objectives, I started off with the stakeholder interview with the founder & CEO of Two Good Co., Rob Caslick.

        Key takeaways

  • Increased sales & revenue - Two Good Co. would like to get their sales and revenue increased by adding the key features for the gifting platform and the design enhancements.

  • Customer retention and loyalty – Two Good Co. would like to have their customers coming back for new purchases. They would like to increase the customer retention and loyalty through storytelling.

  • Social impact of gift purchase – Two Good Co. would like to highlight the social impact of purchasing a product to their customers more clearly.

  • Target Audience - Main target audience from B2C model. Predominantly female users between the ages 30-45 for the personal care products and apparel because the products are not very cheap. Although, Google Analytics showed that men are interested in purchasing the products and purchased them at higher rates.

  • B2B customers – Typically the corporates with social responsibilities​, mainly for the food services like catering and ‘Bespoke’ events and other personal care products as gifts etc.

"KNOW THYSELF ..." - Understanding the target audience 

Two Good Co. shared their research information like the Google Analytics report, personas, customer reports and any other research information that they gathered through their independent research.

This information was really useful and vital for me to empathise with their customers and understand their needs, problems and motivations better.

Apart from this, I also conducted an audit of Two Good Co.’s existing website, with some of my usability testing participants. I asked them to complete simple tasks to use the Two Good Co.’s website as a ‘gifting platform’ and noted their experiences.


This gave me an idea of the potential problem areas and expectations of the customers from a ‘gifting platform’ and this experiment also provided me a basis to validate my design solutions, moving forward.


  • Used the double diamond problem solving approach, based on the user-centred design principles, to perform the user research and form the insights.

  • The two diamonds represent a process of exploring an issue more widely or deeply (divergent thinking) and then taking focused action (convergent thinking).

KNOW YOUR COMPETITORS - The competitive analysis

After understanding the business problem and the target audience, I also explored to compare some of Two Good Co’s direct and indirect competitors.


The insights gained here provided key information about the strengths I should consider to build upon and the weaknesses that I should avoid while redesigning the Two Good Co.’s website.

I loved the fact that I can access the website on my mobile, even on the go!!

What is a purple bow moment? I couldn't find any information about it! It is really frustrating ...!!

Why can't I purchase things for myself and also buy some gifts for my family in the same transaction? I don't have time to do it twice!!

I loved the entire product range but sometimes it's too much to choose from!

I love shopping and if that helps the community, it's even better, isn't it?

What good deed (social impact) does this company do? The website is confusing! I could not find information about the latest activities!

WHAT DID I FIND? - The synthesis

To make sense of all the gathered information and to synthesize the gathered data, I created an affinity map, using Miro.