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A little bit about me ...

I'm a UX/UI designer and a UX researcher based in Sydney, Australia. I have completed my Masters in Computer Applications and have experience working as a software developer.

Even though, I've had a winding path to becoming a UX professional and to get to where I am now, my experience as a software developer and as a "Mum", certainly,  helped me gain many of the skills a UX professional would highly need to be successful.

I am really passionate about making people's lives easier and improving the quality of their lives through the use and power of the technology. I believe this, in a way, is my giving back to the community. 

In my spare time, I love watching mysteries and thrillers. If I am not on Netflix, you will find me solving puzzles and like many "Wordle" is my latest addiction.  


Besides this, I like experimenting in my kitchen and cooking for my family and friends.


Thank you for reading!

Please get in touch for opportunities or just to connect!
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