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Cotton On Foundation's

Child Sponsorship Platform

Engaging sponsors online for making this world a better place to live in!

Project Overview


Cotton On Foundation is a philanthropic arm of the Cotton On Group. The Foundation is focused on empowering youth globally through the delivery of quality educational projects in Uganda, South Africa, Thailand and Australia.

As part of this, the Cotton On Foundation is running the child sponsorship program for over 10 years and is supporting nearly 2770 children with 900 active sponsors.

Team members from Cotton On Group are eligible to be sponsors. The money raised through this program is used for education, healthcare, sustainability and infrastructure for the sponsored child and the community.


To support the child sponsorship program, the Cotton On Foundation wanted to provide their sponsors a digital sponsor platform and to drive a stronger sponsor engagement with the sponsored child using this platform.

The successful project for the Cotton On Foundation will mean an increased sponsor engagement and ultimately an increased social impact!

  • Using the sponsor platform, give sponsors an ability to self-manage sponsorship tasks like

    • Updating sponsors’ personal details, for e.g. mailing address

    • Accessing photos & information of the sponsored children

    • Communicating with sponsored children


  • To drive a stronger sponsor engagement with the sponsored child


  • Website for Desktop/Laptop


  • UX researcher and UX/UI Designer (solo)

  • Presenting the findings and the final prototype to the stakeholder, Belinda Johnson, Project Engagement Coordinator, Cotton On Foundation


  • Miro, Figma

  • Qualitative research techniques, Landscape analysis, User testing


  • Affinity map, User personas, User journeys, Lo-fi sketches, Hi-fi prototype


  • Self directed with feedback from the mentor, Jason Crane and peers (from Harness Projects)


  • Oct 2020 - Dec 2020 ( 9 weeks )

The Approach


  • Used through out this project




7 x 1:1 User Interviews


Affinity maps

User personas

User journey maps

How Might We

Lo-fi sketches


Clickable, hi-fi  prototype


6 x 1:1 User tests (remote)

"THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG ..." - Understanding the business problem

The key step in solving a problem is to understand the problem first. So, in order to understand the challenge better and to have clear business requirements and objectives, I started off with the stakeholder interview.

        Key takeaways

  • Increased time and efforts - for business in managing sponsorship data manually

  • Missing up to date information - Sponsors not keeping their personal information up to date

  • Cutting the cord - Sponsors leaving the Cotton On Group tending to cut all the ties and ending the sponsorship instead of rolling it over

"KNOW THYSELF ..." - Understanding the users 

Further, to dig deep into my understanding of the “users” i.e. the “sponsors” – not just their immediate frustrations, but also their hopes, aspirations, fears, abilities, limitations and goals I conducted 7 X 1:1 user interviews. This laid a strong foundation for creating solutions for these “sponsors” in the later stages of this project.

        Key takeaways

  • "Own time" - Sponsors want to communicate with their sponsored children in their "own time"

  • Frequency of updates - Sponsors love getting the updates. However, they would like to get these updates more frequently.

  • Missed/delayed communication - Unpleasant experiences for the sponsors​ due to missed or late communication about the sponsored children (for e.g. sponsored child leaving the sponsorship program etc.)

I was very conscious of the perception of my peers, if I didn’t sponsor, did that mean I didn’t believe in the program?"

So the program, the newsletter, great to hear updates, all I want to know is, how many lives we've changed and when we're spending money, how it's contributing to make people's lives better."

I think I didn't even get an updated card last year, apparently meant to get them once a year. And I didn't, I didn't get one at all."

I guess, the one that pulls on the heart strings, when I see, you know, the best results, the best outcomes, the best smiles on faces when the smallest contribution can positively impact those families in those communities."

And, and at every stage in life, everyone needs a helping hand. You know,  no one that goes through life without that. So it was my chance to give something, to do something."